Quick Body Workouts

About us

Quick Body Workout.com was created by a group of people who enjoy sports, training, traveling, martial arts, yoga, nutrition and fitness. We all have very busy lives but we also have a common interest for a healthy lifestyle and for the beach lifestyle in general. We believe that having a healthy body and lifestyle is important not only for the body but also for the mind. 

We like to do quick body workouts for the benefits of our body and health in general but also for the time we save by doing shorter workouts.

There are many programs and exercises that are available for people looking to get in shape or to loose weight but we believe in the workouts that are Fast and Simple. For that reason, we prefer the training and workouts based on High Intensity Interval (HIIT). This popular training method alternates between intense activity and fixed periods of less intense activity or even complete rest. This training method help burn calories up to 24 hours following the workout. We also enjoy doing our exercises with no or little equipment. We like to be able to do the workouts while traveling for business, while at the office, when visiting family, on vacation, etc. 

We respect all the training philosophies and programs. We care more about a general philosophy of health and happiness and to maximize time in order to enjoy more activities and time with family and friends.

Thank you for visiting Quick Body Workout.com!